Emotional Evening

This is one of my favorite times. Fan blowing, candles lit, music playing, breeze coming in from the window, glass of ice water at my bedside, captivated spirit ready to be filled. Intoxicated by the scent of my own skin. My freshly painted toes catch the flicker of the candlelight ever so often. My eyes avoid the clock in a futile attempt to postpone tomorrow. Tears well in the corners of my eyes to drown the Sandman. In this time I forget the laundry that needs to be done. I forget the bills that need to be paid. I forget the hugs that need to be given, conversations to be had and speeches to be made. I don’t think about where I thought I’d be or how far I’ve come. Friends I had or enemies I’ve created. I don’t think about anything but the soft mattress underneath me, the love overflowing from my heart, and my prayer thanking God that today was an additive to my strength and wisdom. This is one of my favorite times.