If You Slack You’ll Lack

“Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.
-Matthew 7:15

I had someone once say to me, ” I wouldn’t lie. I am a God-fearing woman.”
I bet you can guess what happened after that! They proceeded to lie to me. Some people don’t serve the same Master you do. Some people say things like that and then pray for forgiveness because their actions are malicious and feed into a part of their nature that they thought they buried.

Know in your heart that you have fear, respect and awe for something greater than yourself. Know what you will and will not tolerate. These things are easy to say and extremely challenging to execute. People who know me are probably thinking, “Shaun says all these motivational things or poetic things but she has problems too.” They would be right!! I have tons of things I imagined differently. They will only become “problems” if I give up. I am an emotional,  sensitive, opinionated, frustrated wreck from time to time. What I will tell you is this ship doesn’t sink!

Today I went out in the sunshine and ran. While in the park following the track I was thinking. Do you remember Grimms Little Red Riding Hood? She was devoured because she strayed from her path. She was distracted by something pretty (flowers), someone seemingly harmless (the wolf) and all of a sudden she forgot what she was supposed to be doing!


There are things you have to do to counteract anything that doesn’t coincide with your desires and the Creator’s will. You know exactly what those things are. If you slip up you will flip out! You may not have your  “crazy moment” as often as I do but it will happen. If you slack, you will lack the things you really really want in this life.

My pastor, Reverend Henry Simmons says, “God will answer all of your prayers. It is either Yes, No, or Wait.”


That reminds me of a stop light. Don’t run that light!! The yellow isn’t “wait”  but its even better. It’s CAUTION, SLOW DOWN. Just wait for direction.
There are ramifications for being disobedient. Most of us survive those ramifications and some of us do not. Don’t take that gamble.

Recognize the fangs of wolves who have everything to gain from your loss! Finally, key into your survival instincts.

“Alonzo Harris: To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.”
-Training Day

Try your best to be resilient. Some of the women in my circle are strong and superior to suffering because they refuse to be a victim! They’re tough as nails. That doesn’t mean they don’t cry or vent but they are classy and controlled at least 72% of the time!

Be aware and be courageous. Know you will have slips. Just try your best not to fall and stay down.



“Insane in the Membrane (Insane in the Brain!)” {How to handle PMS without driving your man crazy}

” Who you tryin’ 

to get crazy with Ese?

Don’t you know I’m loco”

 ~Cypress Hill-Insane In The Membrane

It’s that time of the month.  You’re crying while watching the part in “Set It Off” when Cleo got shot (if you’re too young to know “Set It Off” just think of the part in “Training Day” when Alonzo got shot by the Russians…its essentially the same scene.) You are eating McDoubles like Skittles.  No one understands you. You’re having trouble concentrating.  Clothes aren’t fitting quite right. You’re tired of washing the same Tupperware so you throw it away.  You’re exhausted.  There’s a pimple on your face that you just named and printed a birth certificate for.  You have officially lost your mind!  The problem is, this happens every month!

Now these kinds of antics are acceptable when you are the only person who is expected to deal with yourself.  If you’re like me, you probably think you don’t suffer from PMS.  If that’s the case, do me a favor…ask your significant other if you suffer from PMS.

While he’s rolling on the floor laughing his behind off and simultaneously calling his friends, let’s discuss what PMS is WITHOUT GETTING TOO GRAPHIC  and losing my male readers!

  •             Your reproductive system will repeat a cycle controlled by hormones.
  •             This will happen every 28 days, on average.
  •              5-7 days before your menstruation begins, you will lose all logic and temperance.
  •              Scientists are still researching why this occurs but they are certain it is related to hormonal shifts. (Duh!)

I actually become a real life sweet and sour patch kid while I’m PMS’ing.  So being that this is something you don’t have a lot of control over, how can you keep your man happy during this time?

  1. Filter: Think before you speak.  Say something to yourself before you say it to him.
  2. Listen: Only answer questions if you’re asked.  Don’t build conversational construct to create what you want to hear.  Listen to what he is actually saying.
  3. Evaluate: Save “heavy” discussions (religion, future plans, whether he likes your momma) for another time.
  4. Appreciate:  Don’t be offended by the classic, “Is it that time of the month?” statement.  Appreciate the fact that he is trying to understand your feelings and emotions.  He’s just trying to prepare himself!

Being a woman is difficult.  From a contemporary standpoint, our roles and responsibilities have changed.  The last time I checked the statistics, we’ve made up approximately  57% of colleges since the year 2000.  We’re getting and holding jobs but still fighting for equal wages.  According to the last census, 84% of custodial parents are mothers.  We’ve got a lot to deal with so when we are particularly irritable, we may not want to have to excuse our hormonal imbalances.  The fact remains these imbalances are relevant and they can affect our loved ones.  In some cases, 3% to 8% of women suffer from PMDD which is a disorder even more severe (I’m sure my hypochondriac readers are searching on Google right now.)  If you’re feeling a little nutty, embrace it.  Acceptance is the first step to change!

I’M SURE I’ve pissed off a few feminists.  Feel free to comment or you can ShutYaMouthAndCallMeUgly 😉

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