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Come 2020 I’m bringing back my poetry workshops!  I was a contract creative educator for Queens Library in 3 locations in the past and I loved it.  I have been praying on it and it’s time to start teaching some young hungry minds again. For information on booking please fill out the contact form below or DM me on IG @ShaunLProductions

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Leading a Brainstorming session on a group poem at a Jazz Concert October 2018

Heineken and Hot Sauce

Bet you never thought it would take you this long to get your shit together
Bet you never knew it would take this long to improve
Bet you never knew you’d be a permanent work in progress never progressing
Looking for the beautiful
Trying to find it like the right words
Searching for it like lost keys in the bottom of baggage that you shouldn’t be carrying in the first place.
Last in place
In a race to no where
Battling with figments of your imagination
An imagination that never works when you want it to but holds you hostage
In a pool of pussies who never put their best foot forward because they didn’t want anyone to see their knock off no name shoes


By Shaun Nickens

Because I’m alive

Im valid because I said so.
The son of God is my brother.
Diamonds, mountains, and ocean floors are all imperfect but breathtaking nonetheless
So who’s to say I’m not beautiful.
Im lucky because someone tells me they love me every day.
Im happy because I choose to be.
Im special because there’s no more room in the mediocrity category.
My home has veins, blood, and a ventricle on each side.
I’m ugly only when I let the defects of my humanity get the best of me.
I’m here. In my fighting stance. I’m ready. I’m alive.


A Dream Deferred (remix)

“What happens to a dream deferred ?”

Does it haunt you and give you chills at night?
Does it weaken your limbs
And leave you vulnerable for the fight of life?
Does it bleed crimson red
Through your faded white smile ?
Does it go away or does it linger awhile ?
Does it ignite a bigger dream
Pure and unscathed ?
Does it guide you to a road of graciousness
New, bright, and paved?

“Maybe it just sags
Like a heavy load

Or does it explode,” regenerate and multiply at the node?


The Piscean

I’ve always loved water.  Maybe I like it because I’m a Pisces.  Had a great day today.  Couldnt help but notice the blades of grass that were slightly damp from the brief stint of rain we had this afternoon.  Water has a calming, purifying, therapeutic way about it.  Its unlike any other element.    Dug this poem up from 1:32pm August/3/2004

Enjoy… 🙂

The Piscean

Waves from the discontented overwhelm me

I swim towards my former self

I cry but no one can see my tears

I try but my efforts go unrecognized

I keep swimming, for the struggle

seems to be my only purpose in life.

The current is so strong

and my weaknesses are becoming evident.

I escape the dangerous paths of predators

though my greatest conflict is person versus self.

I want to live above the dark murky water

With my own eyes, may I see the bright light that all of the free world is familiar with?

What is it to be free?

Is it to lay lifeless in hope for a re-birth?

Is it to be forced to breathe under the surface of clarity

and digest discord?

No.  It is the voyage of self-exploration

the buried treasure is within.



It can transform a person’s soul from complacent to discontented,

longing for a deeper and more spiritual connection to the world.

It can prevail in spite of pain and grow stronger through adversity

It can change a person’s mind or a person’s life

And it can rebuild the crumbled pieces of a cold heart.

It can inflict pain through misunderstanding but it can ameliorate

a broken will and breathe life into it once again.

It can fill you like the sustenance of food

It can melt in your mouth like cotton candy

It is the evidence of a higher power

Nothing can imitate it

It is love

By: Shaun M Nickens

Emotional Evening

This is one of my favorite times. Fan blowing, candles lit, music playing, breeze coming in from the window, glass of ice water at my bedside, captivated spirit ready to be filled. Intoxicated by the scent of my own skin. My freshly painted toes catch the flicker of the candlelight ever so often. My eyes avoid the clock in a futile attempt to postpone tomorrow. Tears well in the corners of my eyes to drown the Sandman. In this time I forget the laundry that needs to be done. I forget the bills that need to be paid. I forget the hugs that need to be given, conversations to be had and speeches to be made. I don’t think about where I thought I’d be or how far I’ve come. Friends I had or enemies I’ve created. I don’t think about anything but the soft mattress underneath me, the love overflowing from my heart, and my prayer thanking God that today was an additive to my strength and wisdom. This is one of my favorite times.

When the booty calls back!

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When The Booty Calls Back

Its me…you remember don’t you?

Its 10:59 and I’m starting to despise time

So angry that its hard to keep the rhyme in these lines

I can feel my heart beating and vibrating my collar-bone

thumping to the tick tock of that chrome clock

26 hours ago, I was entering your room

24 hours ago It felt like you were entering my womb

Planting passion and paradise

I dreamt twice

I said goodbye to the man who was a day late and a dollar short

Now he’s scraping change and flipping his calendar back

I said goodbye…

I said goodbye! For you!

Are you ever gonna call?

I’m just another one hit wonder

And you’re taking my number off heavy rotation….

remember that Pandora lovemaking station we listened to?

Well its me…

…the one you called when you were lonely.

You remember, don’t you?

By: Shaun M Nickens

This One Is For You…

If you’re always almost there

If you fight yourself not to care

If your bark is worse than your bite.

If your heart is under construction indefinitely

If your patience is deliberately tested

If your dues have been paid and you should be vested

If your aggy beyond all aggifyable agginess

If your dreams are too long for the time they are allotted

If you have felt defeated and plotted against

If you have been alone even with company

If your thoughts are sometimes remarkably too heavy and it causes you to hang your head

If you have ever felt like someone is placing boulders on your chest one by one and you are struggling to breathe

If you have ever cried because nothing is wrong and everything isn’t right

If you have ever tried to support a brother and purchased a demo cd that you ain’t like

If you’ve ever lost sleep

If you’ve ever found it difficult to eat

If you’ve ever trusted

If you’ve ever been disgusted

If you’ve ever given the benefit of the doubt

If you’ve ever taken a step back to control what comes out of your mouth

If you’ve ever felt like you could swim the Nile

If you’ve ever wanted to drown yourself in it

If you’ve ever loved

This one is for you…

-Shaun Nickens

The Race

My heart and my mind race against one another. For such a heavy heart, it moves so quickly. My mind doesn’t stand a chance. My heart maintains a steady mile a minute. It hydrates with the bloodshed of broken vessels of hope. It waits for no one. My mind struggles to keep up but logic and love are so incompatible. Traveling now in two different directions. My eardrums burst from the sound of my heart pounding loudly in my chest. The vibrations cause my rib cage to tremble. The wall I built so securely around my vulnerability crumbles slowly. My lacrimal glands produce tears of blood. Staring unbelievably and painfully, I can see through blurry eyes…him walking gracefully and calmly into my chest cavity and laying down comfortably.