Narcissism excerpt 

-Shaun Liriano 



I just want a piece of the pie
I just want to HOLD the silver spoon
Enemy tread lightly
I am tenderness. The core that generates new life
The snake approaches my former self and finds itself headless in the laps of those who live to humiliate it.
I am dissapointed in anything I produce that is less than fantastic.
I am chunky. . .
Some things jiggle
But its cool if you like your women all life-like and “real.”
I have a billion thoughts in my head
Sometimes they climb all up on top of one another
One will jump on the others back
Or put another in a choke hold
Or smother another with a big dirty pillow with feathers coming out of it.
Sometimes they all try to chill together and mingle in harmony
But these thoughts are so different and so boisterous that they end up looking
like a reality tv show reunion,
Polished and positively dysfunctional.

By:Shaun Nickens

*Day 6 of the 30 day writing challenge!  God bless!