Pennies 10/21/2002 Digging in the Crates


Economic warfare within thine own self
Leading to self destruction
Wants, needs and luxuries
The rhythm I walk with
Flows with such confidence
Even if it need not be
The block is void of light
Pockets are weightless
Just aint right
Close your eyes to avoid frustration
You’re surrounded
I’m surrounded in the brightness
Of copper colored pennies
To have but never want, pennies
Got all the dollars but never had the sense to know what to do with them
Never reminded of how spoiled I was
Now I’m surrounded in cents, pennies
Three jobs and three dollars
Work sleep work sleep eat bathe work sleep
Faint with insomnia
Weak with stubbornness
Bored with “insufficient funds”
Friday, Payday
Saturday broke again
31st Payday
Payment due on the first of next month
2nd of next month, broke again
So what do we need? Realism
What’s more real than copper colored useless pennies?