Don’t Complain

I remember when a good friend of mine was pregnant with her first child.  We are college buddies.  We were at an event for another friend of ours.  We’re standing by the bar (of course she wasn’t drinking) and an acquaintance looks at her blooming belly and begins a conversation about childbirth and the woes of being a mother.  This was a lengthy talk.  Our eyes grew wider as we listened intently.  This was many years ago but all I remember are the forewarnings vividly.

Oh you like to be cute! I see your nails are done. You won’t have time for that.

You’re lucky if you get a chance to eat!

This happens all the time.  Right?  A group of “seasoned mothers” with a “mother-to-be.”  We tell them about the hours of labor, the pain, what color your body part turned, what new smell you discovered…

When my cousin was pregnant with her son, another family member and I were “bragging” about the happenstance of being able to shave and shower in the same session without interruption.  Pregnant Cousin promptly responded, “You two sound like refugees!”

She’s right.

Today, I laugh about the awkward conversations amongst the mommy crew.  Its honestly all in comradery.  I don’t think anyone ever wants to scare the new mommies.  Motherhood is something to celebrate.  It is never dull, you are always learning, and you are consistently responsible for the experiences and growth of another human being.

One of my favorite quotes is by Kahlil Gibran:

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

There are days where I am completely exhausted from work.  Then it’s time to put on my “mommy hat.”  I have to do homework, clean, prepare food (or at least take it out the fast food bag,) run bath water, make lunches, read, pray with the kids, and then finally collapse and try to take care of myself. Like any human I get overwhelmed but I love my children.  I love doing arts and crafts with my step daughter, watching movies with my 3 year old, and having crawling races with my son (I always let him win.)  There are challenges and there are tests that I in no way could have been prepared for so now I just stay in tuned with gratefulness.

I read an article (  the other day that floored me.  I had just finished arguing.  I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and it was too late to go back to sleep and try again.  I woke up an asshole.  I can admit it.  It happens to the best of us but I was saddened by the article.

Four children died in a fire.

I kept seeing the words flash across my mind like a scrolling LED message. What a sobering moment.  It was like God screamed “STOP COMPLAINING!”


What would you do without these “little headaches?”  I have another cousin that calls them “freedom suckers.”  I am eternally grateful for the blessing of being a mother.  There are other titles that I am so proud of but that one has to be the best.

Finally, when I was pregnant with my daughter I remember a co-worker saying, “One day you will be alone with the baby and the baby will be crying and you will be crying and you two will just cry together and soothe one another.” Whoa!  I felt depressed but that isn’t necessarily a sad moment.  I know several mothers who have experienced that and it is a tremendous bonding time with your child. You both want to be heard.  You both probably don’t even have a specific reason for crying.  You both will provide comfort in a unique way.  Crying isn’t an expression of weakness.  Crying is how you bathe your soul.

Take a bath today.  Try not to complain. Enjoy every part of who you are.

-Shaun L





When I had my 3 year old daughter I was not picky about what diapers I used. I was given a few boxes from my baby shower. I was (and still am) a coupon fanatic. Therefore I used whatever was on sale. She never suffered from diaper rash so I was lucky. Some mommies cannot be that liberal because their children have sensitive skin. Unfortunately the only way to find what works best for your baby is through trial and error. 

My son is the guinea pig (a very very cute guinea pig) for this trial. When you leave the hospital, you will probably be given a couple dozen Pampers Swaddlers. FYI, up until the trial done for this review I was only using Pampers on my newborn. is a fun way to try out different brands without buying the whole pack.

I received my package in 5 business days. There was tracking provided so I knew exactly where it was at all times. When it arrived, it was in a brown standard shipping envelope. 

All the packaging was simple with a personal touch. 

My diapers came in packs of three individually wrapped and labeled with the brand and size. 

You will also receive a print out that will assist in you rating each brand. Let’s face it…”mommy brain” is real and we need help with memory and staying organized. Studies show we become sharper and more astute in other areas but I’ll save that for another post!! 

The company also threw in a few complimentary wipes to check out! 

I started with bambamboos because I’ve never heard of it. They have no overwhelming smell, they do not feel soft and the design isn’t necessarily eye popping. It was clear that this would be a brand I was rating mostly on function. I also sampled Earths Best Tender Care and Bamboo Nature. 

Currently my son sleeps for 1 1/2-3 hours after each changing and feeding (according to this awesome app I have called Feed Baby.) The diapers need to withstand that timeframe as well as keep him relatively dry. Just for added information for seasoned moms: My son is breastfeeding exclusively. 

I am actually excited about changing diapers! The company can easily be reached via email with any questions or comments:

Now…exclusively for my ShutYaMouthAndCallMeUgly readers…(insert drumroll) here is a coupon code you can use on your next order: DIAPER10 
You can reach the company on Twitter @DiaperDabbler

You can reach me on Twitter @Shutyamouthnow

Happy Dabbling!!

-Shaun Liriano 

Machine Mom


Off work at 2am. In bed at 3am. Up with the kids at 6am. I don’t even bother with coffee anymore. Thank God my household is run by a team effort. My fiancée is very active as a parent. We push ourselves and each other. The question still remains: What did you do for yourself today??? #30dayselfesteemchallenge


While the kids were at school, I ran to Denny’s and had some tea with lemon and honey (I have this irritating cough.) Sitting there I thought about the waiters and the waitresses. What landed them here? Are they budding entrepreneurs? Is this step one or level one to this great designer plan of their lives? Maybe one of them or all of them wanted this. Maybe they want to serve, to smile for a living,  to provide people with sustenance. Maybe it feels good to calm my cough. Maybe it feels good to sit beside the elderly and assist them in reading the small print on the menu. Maybe this is it. Maybe that’s okay.

Put Your Big Girl Panties On!


My two year old is potty training.  We have officially taken her off the pull ups (except for bedtime) and she is wearing her “big girl panties.” I’ve been thinking about the symbolism in that milestone.  When you are transcending into something great or just different, have you made the necessary adjustments?

1. “Bo Bo’s Aren’t Forever”- It’s time to get rid of the pacifier. Translation: Get rid of your vices/your addictions. Let go of the things that have power over you and your state of mind.

2. ” Take Your Fingers Out Of Your Mouth” – Translation : Be as articulate and as diplomatically verbal as possible. Don’t let other people speak for you. Don’t let others assume your thoughts. Express yourself.

3. “Are You Whining?”- Translation : Stop complaining and bi*$hing! If you’ve been cutting corners, it’s time to accept what it is and do what you can to change what it could be! Take responsibility and push your personal limits.

4. “Do You Want Time Out?!” – Translation : Time Outs, Thinking Corners and even Pow Pows are just forms of discipline. They are a way of grabbing the reins in chaotic situations. Sometimes you may have to give yourself some meditation. You may need a prayer group to be a part of. You need a vacation. You need an hour to yourself at the library. You need to unplug.

5. “No More Diapers”-Translation: The safety net is gone. If you have an accident or you make a conscious mistake …you will have to be accountable for your SH*T! You have to flush away foolishness and wash your hands of excess, waste, impurities, and most importantly. ..the past! It will be difficult. You will error but you shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed of the process. Trying isn’t failing. Every time you succeed you should celebrate! Everyday is an accomplishment.

It’s time to put your big girl panties on!!!!

By:Shaun Nickens

Is this you?


Sims character needing sleep

Have you ever heard the expression, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead?” Are you a super parent, perfectionist student, or overtime addicted employee? Do you do a lot of “ripping and running?” Are you frequently late because you’ve overbooked or double booked? How do we find the balance?

Is there a balance to find?

In my personal life I am quite unpleasant with my fiancée and the children when I am lacking adequate rest. I have a fast paced, customer service based, night job. By the time my nerves settle enough to fall asleep it’s time to start a new day. In fact my nights and days all kind of just mesh into one big ball of movement and production.

Is there a way to keep your sanity? I think so. I say think because I don’t know. The people I know who do it still crash every once in a while. There are others who seem to maintain a peaceful upbeat attitude but they may indulge in less than healthy behavior from time to time. Can healthy behavior prove to beget consistency? 



A few days ago I listened to (audio book) “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. A lot of the content I have heard /read before but authors and orators are finding creative ways to express old thoughts in a way that will heighten receptivity.

My Favorite Quote was, “Choose habitual thoughts that are constructive, harmonious and peaceful. They should only heal, bless, inspire and elevate you.”

Sounds simple right? It’s not but I will make a concerted effort to do better. What I will make a bigger effort to do is take ownership. Accountability or lack thereof is one of my reoccurring flaws.
I cannot impregnate my subconscious with negative thoughts and then be a dead beat parent and abandon them. They will keep crying. They will remain hungry for more negative energy. They will continue producing dirty diapers of despair. They will exhaust me completely.


If you are a part of the “go hard or go home” family, how do you keep your attractive temperament? I would love to know your secrets. Yoga? Prayer? Drugs?! Leave me some feedback in the comments below. Thanks!

By:Shaun Nickens


I know mothers who work 16 hour shifts.
I know mothers who wrapped coins to buy their lunch so their children could have steak for dinner.
I know mothers who iron sheets so you sleep better.
I know mothers who will mend your clothes and hand wash them.


One of the plants growing from seeds my girls and I planted on Earth Day

I know mothers who start Christmas shopping in July.
I know mothers who video chat their children on their breaks at work.
I know mothers who dream of their children.
I know mothers who cook 3 meals a day …every day.
I know mothers who didn’t get a chance to watch their children grow.
I know mothers who are mothers first and women second and who completely forget that they are at all, human.
I know mothers who want everything.
I know mothers who never get anything.
I know mothers who know they are privileged to be chosen by God.
I know mothers who feel burdened.
I know mothers who would do anything for their children.
I know mothers who don’t know what to do with their children.

I am privileged to know you. I learn from you every day. There is a chance for a miracle in the life of a child every day. We hold a responsibility every day along with great fathers to build up dreams. We hold a responsibility to see a new sparkle in a little eye. Celebrate EVERY day.


-Shaun M.N.

What the Heaven Are You Looking At?


Cookie. “
“No honey, Mommy doesn’t have a cookie,”I whisper.
“Be a good girl, we’re in church,”I whisper.
“COOKIE!  COOKIE!!!!!!!!!”

My one year old flails herself around screaming to God himself for a cookie that I don’t have. Her big sister looks at me helplessly watching my brown face turn beet red in embarrassment.  Then she sweetly leans in and says, “You have crackers though right?”

The innocence. 

As I fumble through the diaper bag l glance up and see an impatient onlooker two pews ahead of us. She looks over her shoulder every time one of my children or any child says or does anything! 

Bear in mind, we are sitting in the very last row of the church.  Why? It is simply because I remember being young and single with no kids and shaking my head as I watch a parent provide pacifiers, goldfish, handheld electronic games, or anything short of monetarily bribing their children to be quiet during a church service. I always said I would sit in the back when I have kids.
A friend of mine said they once sang the ABC song during a baptism to keep their little one calm during service.  I thought to myself, “I wonder if that will work. ”

Meanwhile, the baby seems to have built an equaliser in her lungs and a microphone in her throat.


I stayed calm. “They can sense your fear,”I thought.

The lady two pews ahead is still staring. 

“What the hell …heaven. she looking at?!”

This is when you will hear non-believers say the church is full of hypocrisy.  It is because of situations like this. A kid is fighting a nap and you are giving a parent a murder one ice grill (my slang shows my age) instead of being empathetic. A scripture came to mind:

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
~Matthew 19:14

The next time the woman glanced I smiled.  I simultaneously tuned in to the preacher saying,

“Reach into yourself when it is difficult and be your better self always.  Forgive those you’ve trained yourself to forget because of the pain they’ve caused you.”

I chuckled to myself knowing adults have a hard time focussing in church,  let alone children.  I gave the girls a granola bar to share. I kissed them on the foreheads and we snuck out (towards the end) with stealth while another kid had a breakdown over juice. I silently hoped they enjoyed fellowship and hoped they learned something.  I know I did.

By:Shaun Nickens