Put Your Big Girl Panties On!


My two year old is potty training.  We have officially taken her off the pull ups (except for bedtime) and she is wearing her “big girl panties.” I’ve been thinking about the symbolism in that milestone.  When you are transcending into something great or just different, have you made the necessary adjustments?

1. “Bo Bo’s Aren’t Forever”- It’s time to get rid of the pacifier. Translation: Get rid of your vices/your addictions. Let go of the things that have power over you and your state of mind.

2. ” Take Your Fingers Out Of Your Mouth” – Translation : Be as articulate and as diplomatically verbal as possible. Don’t let other people speak for you. Don’t let others assume your thoughts. Express yourself.

3. “Are You Whining?”- Translation : Stop complaining and bi*$hing! If you’ve been cutting corners, it’s time to accept what it is and do what you can to change what it could be! Take responsibility and push your personal limits.

4. “Do You Want Time Out?!” – Translation : Time Outs, Thinking Corners and even Pow Pows are just forms of discipline. They are a way of grabbing the reins in chaotic situations. Sometimes you may have to give yourself some meditation. You may need a prayer group to be a part of. You need a vacation. You need an hour to yourself at the library. You need to unplug.

5. “No More Diapers”-Translation: The safety net is gone. If you have an accident or you make a conscious mistake …you will have to be accountable for your SH*T! You have to flush away foolishness and wash your hands of excess, waste, impurities, and most importantly. ..the past! It will be difficult. You will error but you shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed of the process. Trying isn’t failing. Every time you succeed you should celebrate! Everyday is an accomplishment.

It’s time to put your big girl panties on!!!!

By:Shaun Nickens