When the booty calls back!

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When The Booty Calls Back

Its me…you remember don’t you?

Its 10:59 and I’m starting to despise time

So angry that its hard to keep the rhyme in these lines

I can feel my heart beating and vibrating my collar-bone

thumping to the tick tock of that chrome clock

26 hours ago, I was entering your room

24 hours ago It felt like you were entering my womb

Planting passion and paradise

I dreamt twice

I said goodbye to the man who was a day late and a dollar short

Now he’s scraping change and flipping his calendar back

I said goodbye…

I said goodbye! For you!

Are you ever gonna call?

I’m just another one hit wonder

And you’re taking my number off heavy rotation….

remember that Pandora lovemaking station we listened to?

Well its me…

…the one you called when you were lonely.

You remember, don’t you?

By: Shaun M Nickens