Finding Mom by Amanda Mawhinney (Book review) 

I was given an opportunity to review a new book by Amanda Mawhinney. I have to admit the book size is a turn on. I have a 5 yr old step daughter, a 3 yr old daughter, and a 1 week old son. That being said, it usually takes awhile to get through a good read. “Me time” is hard to come by. This book is 75 pages and packs a lot of information in a small package. I finished it in one sitting while the girls did arts and crafts and my son took a nap! There are some activities I will revisit but I was able to get through it quickly and efficiently.

Chapter 4, “Who am I?”was fun because there were tools provided to be your navigation in “finding yourself.” In this chapter, a journal and a pen were necessary. Questions asked by the author sparked an opportunity to dig deeper in introspection and awake enlightened. 

Chapter 6 had a personality quiz. I found that interesting because I think many times we think we are something we aren’t. In some cases, you’ve heard people describe you in a way you’ve adopted. 

After taking the personality test, I discovered I am an Influencer. 

The first personality is Influencers. Influencers are directors who are people oriented. These 

individuals are great at leading teams, and they know a lot about each member of their groups 

and how to motivate them. These are the moms who initiate playdates, lead the local moms’ 

groups, and invite people on outings. These are the people who others seem to be drawn to.

Having this in mind (as well as some of my answers to the personal development questions) resonated like a dream board. Seeing the answers on paper visually gave me some direction. I’ve always wanted to sky dive, now I have it written in a 12 month action plan so it becomes something more than an item on a bucket list. 

In conclusion, Finding Mom, was a book every woman should read whether she is a mother not. There was enough general “self help” information for it to be more than just a mommy book. I look forward to revisiting some of the chapters and sharing it with others. 

-Shaun Liriano 

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Morning Walk Free

No sleep in my eyes
No pain
No tears
No lies
Crying isn’t for the weak but for the stagnant


Insecurity and uncertainty
Built by the illusions of society
Committed to the lost pieces of my identity
I walk
Physiologically run
To the person I always thought I would be
And introduce her to everyone who stood by me


And together we’ll bury the remnants of doubt
Today we’ll rewrite and rewire
Today we’ll fight for everything worth fighting for

By Shaun L.

Something Like A Classic


Rivaling with myself
Running, jumping and climbing through the dimensions of my identity

In my mind I’m sipping Baileys and Hennessey on ice in a jaccuzzi
In a black string bikini with my skin glistening in the moonlight
I’ll take flight into another realm of my imagination
No anger
No punctuations in life
No periods
No stops
No exclamations of uncontrollable emotions
I’ve rarely just gone through the motions
Deeply connected although sometimes rejected but never rehearsed
I step on the worlds stage and expose myself to its critical audience
I’ve cried out on the behalf of my occulent heart
Its been gagged and muted
In fear of making a sound and exposing what’s left of it.

I envision the princess turned pauper at the bar
Self medicated and confused
Thinking her riches are Bacardi Gold and 1800 Silver.
Her pumpkin has been repossessed
Her pride has been pulverized

I see the elder
She’s slaving over a meal
The kids feed the vegetables to the dog under the table
Her clothes are classy and discreet
Her hair is radiant and neat
Her home is immaculate
Her soul has been restored

I see a ’67 Dodge Charger
Its the color of Cabernet Sauvignon
Gold speckled
Dark tints
No wheels
No engine
A shell of hope

By Shaun M Nickens