Bats*$t Crazy!

I reached into the bottom cabinet to hide some reduced fat Oreos from myself  (I’ve been “dieting.”) I looked to my right while putting away some other items and literally fell on my ass in fear. There seemed to be something unfamiliar in the darkness. Thinking a strange assailant was in my home, I jump up to my feet in a right lead  fighting stance.  

Why isn’t the invader moving? 

I quickly realized it was an overflowing laundry bag that never made it to the trunk of my car. Accepting the fact that I am going completely bats*$t crazy I decided to grab a snack, a blanket and hit the Netflix on my Roku.

More importantly I knew it was time to write and let out some of these voices in my head.

Time seems to be doing some sinister things. I am turning 30 in less than a month. Although I am really proud of some of my accomplishments I have to admit I am light years away from where I would like to be. I say light years because it relates to distance not time. In some instances, I think success has to do with distance as opposed to time. It is distance not time between your cubicle and an actual  office.  I say that because it is my belief that whatever boundaries have been placed before you can be demolished with strategy.
More important than strategy is the health of your heart and mind while you exercise the patience and FORTITUDE to actually make it!

When I was in school a good friend of mine took the clock out of her dorm room and put away her watches. I dont remember how long this lasted but I remember asking about it. At the time she was in a strenuous Health Science program. To my knowledge she was doing really well in school. She simply looked up at me and said, ” I am tired of time. I am sick of always racing the clock. I am on strike.” Now…

…obviously we know the old adage “time waits for no man” but this personal revolution made my friend feel better. I completely understand.

I was on the parkway the other night coming home from work.



“Oh man, who’s car is that? That sounds terrible.”

As the cars sped past me I learned the depressing truth.

My sad deflated tire.

It was my car.

It was 1am.

There was no way I was waiting for AAA so I drove 10-15 miles an hour all the way home. I noticed stores I have never seen before. I was more cautious. I was more focused. I was literally forced to slow down.

Have you ever had a loved one in the hospital?  Every moment you can hold their hand is a blessing. You hang on every update from the medical staff. Uncertainty has a way of making time not only stand still but lay down in a fetal position.

My favorite time of day is late at night (right about now) when everything is quiet. There are no deadlines and appointments to keep. It is just me, a blanket and my words. Like the guys you see walking down the street or in the subway just rapping to themselves out loud. You grab your purse tighter and you think,  ” He’s bats*$t crazy!”

Maybe it’s you with all your schedules to keep, trying to race time…

…fighting laundry bags…

…maybe you’re the crazy one or just human.

By:Shaun Nickens