Perfect (Cold Sweat Series)

I like fushia skies
I like old couples fussing at one another and smacking each other’s asses.
I like short walks that have more quality than long ones
I like flowers
I like cheese
I like the fact that Jimi Hendrix couldn’t even read music.
I like people from your past that don’t bore you with small talk. They just nod and smile.
I like sleep
I like the full disclosure of children
I like when doctors heal, restore, repair and do it masterfully
I like working hard but I despise not being recognized for it.
I love being a mom.
I like 3am, the stillness, the moonlight and the freedom.
I like the kind of breeze that feels like a touch from an angel.
I like surprises but I hate waiting.
I like life
And living
But I love being alive.

By:Shaun Nickens




It can transform a person’s soul from complacent to discontented,

longing for a deeper and more spiritual connection to the world.

It can prevail in spite of pain and grow stronger through adversity

It can change a person’s mind or a person’s life

And it can rebuild the crumbled pieces of a cold heart.

It can inflict pain through misunderstanding but it can ameliorate

a broken will and breathe life into it once again.

It can fill you like the sustenance of food

It can melt in your mouth like cotton candy

It is the evidence of a higher power

Nothing can imitate it

It is love

By: Shaun M Nickens