Machine Mom


Off work at 2am. In bed at 3am. Up with the kids at 6am. I don’t even bother with coffee anymore. Thank God my household is run by a team effort. My fiancĂ©e is very active as a parent. We push ourselves and each other. The question still remains: What did you do for yourself today??? #30dayselfesteemchallenge


While the kids were at school, I ran to Denny’s and had some tea with lemon and honey (I have this irritating cough.) Sitting there I thought about the waiters and the waitresses. What landed them here? Are they budding entrepreneurs? Is this step one or level one to this great designer plan of their lives? Maybe one of them or all of them wanted this. Maybe they want to serve, to smile for a living,  to provide people with sustenance. Maybe it feels good to calm my cough. Maybe it feels good to sit beside the elderly and assist them in reading the small print on the menu. Maybe this is it. Maybe that’s okay.

Bark and Bite

Psalm 141:3
~Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth;keep watch over the doors of my lips!

I am doing a 30 day self esteem challenge in support of someone very close to me. I did not come up with the challenge myself. It is a conglomerate of mental illness mouse on tumblr and

Day 1 is: Choose a facial feature you like on yourself.

I love my lips. My whole mouth actually. It is the vessel used to express myself. Sometimes it is a double edged sword but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. As I grow and I learn to control my lips and appreciate them, I am growing stronger. I am learning when to bark and when to bite.


Please share your favorite facial feature with me!