Walk Through

I’m thinking of lines to transform minds for generations

They thinking of clever Instagram captions

Flamboyant poses and libations

All I know is the status quo isn’t working

So I’m collecting reparations

Give me your intellectual property

Or I’m taking it

I’ll file my own report at the police station

Money ain’t enough

Gotta keep a remarkable reputation

Street cred ain’t enough

Need more than being a hood sensation

Meditation ain’t enough

You can’t just be great in your mind

At some point tangible success is all that’s left

After you grind

-Shaun Liriano

Give Your Wallet a Break Today!

Day 11 of the self esteem challenge :

Use today as a savings opportunity for the future you.

I work in a corporate office so I spend a lot on food daily. A sandwich from the cafeteria after chips and a bottled water can easily amount to $8-9. Add in another $6-7 for coffee and a bagel on the way to work. By the time my second break comes, I’m looking for some “happy food” to put some excitement in my day. That can be anything from apple slices with caramel  ($3.49) to a slice of pizza (don’t judge my diet.)

Today I’m gonna keep it really simple!


I’m having cereal for my first break and my lunch.


I caught an awesome sale. If you’ve been a follower of shutyamouthandcallmeugly.com for awhile then you know I love loyalty cards!!! I saved $2.80 at CVS today and my year to date savings is $85.91. Think of what you can do with that money. Especially with the holidays coming up! Or maybe it’s just a new hairstyle for you to start the new year off with.

If you’re drinking the recommended 60 ounces of water a day, you should feel content throughout the day. I’m not saying you’re going to feel like you ate a steak! :-p
However, you shouldn’t want to go all zombie on your co-worker and chew an arm off.

The money you would spend, you can keep in your pocket. Make a list of things you can use the money for. Look at that list when you’re tempted to break the challenge during your day.

My list:
1. Eyebrow threading- $4.00 (Sundays only…..I know I know I’m cheap!)
2. Underarm waxing-$8.00
3. Manicure and pedicure -$15.00 (Wednesdays only)
4. Gasoline -$10.00 is a half tank (4 cl vehicle.)
5. Music- Cd $10-$15 (yes I still buy cd’s) Average download  $9.99

I can keep going but you get the idea!!

Let me know how you do with this challenge today. I don’t start my work day till 3pm today but I posted earlier than normal for you guys. If you’ve already started, sacrifice McDonald’s on the way home or that Cinnabon you don’t need. Cook dinner for everyone else, you eat cereal and pack your portion for lunch tomorrow! Join me or shut your mouth and call me ugly in the comments section below. This may seem small but the point is it’s for you!!!!

P.S- If you live in the New York area and you want to know where I get some of those deals, ask in the comments section or tweet me @ShutyaMouthNow!  I reply immediately


Day 10 Self Esteem challenge

Oh we’re finishing this (you thought I forgot!)

Photo credit redshoemovement.com

Day 10- Evaluate where you are. What did you want to be when you grew up? What are you doing? Today tap into your ability to dream and hone in on that childhood creativity that inspired you at a time. It may have even inspired others. What makes you feel good? What healthy addiction do you have?

When I was young I wanted to sing. I was in the children’s choir at 3! I sang in high school. I auditioned for the vocal program by singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Today I am in customer service (hold your applause.) I do freelance writing and editing on the side.
Service pays the bills. The pen, paper, computer and phone deliver the expressions of my soul.
Public speaking makes me feel good. I connect with others. My heart is a sponge that absorbs the emotions of others. Sometimes it’s a good thing. Sometimes it isn’t.

My new healthy addiction is steam and sweat. That sounds weird. I like steam rooms, saunas, hot showers, warm baths, and extreme work out classes when you come out drenched. I like the act of physically excreting impurities and then the fresh relaxed feeling you have afterwards.


Machine Mom


Off work at 2am. In bed at 3am. Up with the kids at 6am. I don’t even bother with coffee anymore. Thank God my household is run by a team effort. My fiancée is very active as a parent. We push ourselves and each other. The question still remains: What did you do for yourself today??? #30dayselfesteemchallenge


While the kids were at school, I ran to Denny’s and had some tea with lemon and honey (I have this irritating cough.) Sitting there I thought about the waiters and the waitresses. What landed them here? Are they budding entrepreneurs? Is this step one or level one to this great designer plan of their lives? Maybe one of them or all of them wanted this. Maybe they want to serve, to smile for a living,  to provide people with sustenance. Maybe it feels good to calm my cough. Maybe it feels good to sit beside the elderly and assist them in reading the small print on the menu. Maybe this is it. Maybe that’s okay.

Replenish! #Shutyamouthandpraysundays



Every Sunday (for awhile) I will ask you to journey with me in understanding of self. A journey in the acceptance of growth. We will build a BS barrier and become more resilient together. I am NO life coach. That is not my aim. I am a writer. However,  all journeys are more fun with company. Most advice you give should also be directed at yourself. Sometimes we need to follow our own instructions. Sometimes we need to diagnose ourselves.
Being relatable is a gift and one that draws positivity.

This Sunday I took the kids to church at noon. We cleaned the house top to bottom prior to that. We ate an awesome breakfast. We danced. We loved. Most importantly we talked. I remembered how important it is to sit straight up, look in their eyes and focus. Listen. Today was a good day.

Day 8 of the self esteem challenge :
Are you comfortable with accepting compliments? Why or why not?
(Courtesy of life and magic in Wyoming at wordpress )
I am not always comfortable. There are things I know are above average and compliments on those assets I graciously accept. You have to believe something yourself before others will believe in it.

Day 9: What do other people say is sexy about you?
This is tough! I have heard different things. Mostly its my command. In a comfortable situation I take full command if a leadership position is needed in order for a task to be completed. I’m resolution oriented. So I just like things to be fixed quickly. I’ve been told my smile is sexy.

Gratitude Journal Resurrection


Hi! I brought back the gratitude journal for #fumblingwiththefoolishnessfridays

Needed to remind myself of all the things I am blessed with RIGHT NOW in this life. Needed that adrenaline rush. Needed the ego boost (#30dayselfesteemchallenge.) He cannot give you more if you cannot take care of what you have. If you are oblivious to all of His graciousness. If you panic or crumble with every attack,  He will assume you have forgotten you are a vessel carrying His power.

Yesterday’s challenge  (Day 6) was :
What is your favorite part of the day and Why?

I like when its quiet late at night when everyone is asleep. I like the peace but I like the security of knowing they are there.

Day 7: What did you do for yourself today? Reward yourself for being amazing!

I didn’t do anything for myself today. 😦
But! I am looking forward to zumba class tomorrow at 10:30am

Tell me about your gratitude journal! Are you going to start one? What are you most grateful for?? Comment or tweet me @ShutyaMouthNow

Cleanliness and Godliness

30 day self esteem challenge is still in motion!! Comment and/or tweet me the things you love about yourself @ShutyaMouthNow!

Day 4: What is a habit that you have that you like?

I make the beds in the home every day. I spray with linen spray. I sprinkle baby powder on the flat sheet. I come home to a comfortable slumber every night because of that.

Day 5: What is something about the way you think that you like?

I am analytical and it allows me to problem solve quickly. My resolution mode is fierce! It makes me a better parent and partner.