Hi, I’m Shaun! Writing fills every void. At an early age I discovered that people, history, pain, love, jubilation, hope, and healing all reside together between the lines. Writing is my zen, my nap, my vacation and my therapy. I have studied communications and media at Pace University NYC. I have also studied Africana Studies at Stony Brook University with a minor in English.

This website is a smorgasbord! It will satify your palate for whatever literary taste you have. Each category is different and that is by design.

Diamond In the Rough is a category for entrepreneurs, artists, and entertainers. I have a certification from Shaw Academy in Digital Marketing and I am eager to shed a little light on small businesses. I take just a few moments, ask just a few questions and bring you closer to someone’s journey.

Read, write, comment, share!

Also follow me on Twitter @ShutyaMouthNow


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