Decluttering My Underwear Drawer!

Curiosity got the drawer cleaned!

My 8 year old, Aria saw my new Amazon purchase lying on my bedroom floor.

Immediately, she says, “Mom, what is this?” I say, “Would you like to earn a treat?” My daughter loves a challenge and she’s a before and after addict like I am. She emptied the drawer completely. Then she asked me to YouTube the proper way to fold undergarments. We played some Kirk Franklin on Alexa and she got to work.

I have no idea how this drawer got this crazy. Then I started buying more head scarves and undies because I couldn’t find any.

After about 40 minutes, I had peace. I have a bag packed for Goodwill. Nightgowns were hung in the closet. I’ll have to organize another drawer for the bras. If an 8 year old can do it, then it isn’t hard or time consuming. She did a great job!

Decluttering was part of last month’s goals also. I have to post the progress being made in the basement. Organization is a great way to assess what is still needed, especially right before the holidays. It’s also a way to purge items that are no longer needed. I had outdated lingerie and camisoles that couldn’t fit my left toe! It was time to let them go.

What are you working on cleaning/clearing out?

One thought on “Decluttering My Underwear Drawer!

  1. Great job!! I love getting organized and helping others in need. I recently decluttered several drawers. I had sweaters I had saved much too long. There is a woman tht sorts thru our trash and I see her at times when I get home from work. One evening she was there and I asked her if she would accept some clothes and the smile on her face warmed my soul. Now I need to clean the rest of my closets so I can give her some warm coats I have been saving for way too long. Xoxo

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