Decluttering My Underwear Drawer!

Curiosity got the drawer cleaned!

My 8 year old, Aria saw my new Amazon purchase lying on my bedroom floor.

Immediately, she says, “Mom, what is this?” I say, “Would you like to earn a treat?” My daughter loves a challenge and she’s a before and after addict like I am. She emptied the drawer completely. Then she asked me to YouTube the proper way to fold undergarments. We played some Kirk Franklin on Alexa and she got to work.

I have no idea how this drawer got this crazy. Then I started buying more head scarves and undies because I couldn’t find any.

After about 40 minutes, I had peace. I have a bag packed for Goodwill. Nightgowns were hung in the closet. I’ll have to organize another drawer for the bras. If an 8 year old can do it, then it isn’t hard or time consuming. She did a great job!

Decluttering was part of last month’s goals also. I have to post the progress being made in the basement. Organization is a great way to assess what is still needed, especially right before the holidays. It’s also a way to purge items that are no longer needed. I had outdated lingerie and camisoles that couldn’t fit my left toe! It was time to let them go.

What are you working on cleaning/clearing out?

Make A List. Make it Plain. Part 1

October 4th to November 4th I had a list of 6 goals. I wrote them on a poster board and taped it up on my bedroom wall. Then I printed a basic calendar from my computer and posted it next to the goals. I wanted to keep track and I wanted a visual of my progress (or lack thereof.) My plan was to blog about it when it was all over. I need to break this down piece by piece. I’ll share the accomplishments and the failures.

Goal #3 was to walk at least 10 minutes a day. Frankly this was more about mental health and self care then fitness. I take photos of flowers. I send prayers to love ones. If I cannot walk by myself because of scheduling or lack of childcare, I brought the kids. Out of the 32 days, I failed 6 times.

It was easy to take that 10 minutes. Knowing I had to pencil in my 0.59 miles or 0.67 miles. I’d use my Amazfit smartwatch. On warm days or weekends, I was able to get a few miles in. On the 13th my uncle stopped by and I ran around the block 0.20 miles in 3.25 minutes! I think it was important to keep my promise to myself, get the blood flowing and get some air.

Catching the sunrise in the morning or putting on my late father’s raincoat and walking in the rain was enjoyable. I was proud of my commitment to myself. With the visual reminder taped right in front of my doorway, I was extremely dissatisfied on the days I couldn’t uphold and satisfy that goal. It was great time to plan, pray, prepare and post. I use the voice/audio recorder to record poetry while I walk.

A short walk goes a long way

Tell me in the comments what your goals are for November or what walking has done for you.