Sale Ends Today

You thought my love was for sale. I had an abundance of it. You saw bright lights.You saw attractive colors. Yes, I was open to becoming your favorite find. I enjoyed the time you spent discovering different departments of my mind. You paid with passion. I should have printed “no returns” on your receipt. We only existed in my place of regret. Slowly your face started to look like a replica of those who thought they could afford my affection. I discounted my own destiny until I could no longer stand the sight of my own reflection. You just couldn’t resist a great deal! Clearly, there was no room for me. No storage space for sentiment. No lenten time of repentance No cleaning and purging to cherish your special someone No! You just like all bright, new, and shiny things. You only care about yourself. It never occurs to you that some things should just be left on the shelf.

By: Shaun Liriano

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