The Center

In the center of our family is our love
Children surrounded by support and devotion
Sacrifice from the two of us
The embodiment of partnership
Two jobs from you
Stay at home mommy in me
You sung lullabies
I danced in our children’s dreams and scared the boogeyman away.
We did anything to ensure they have everything at the end of the day.
A humble beautiful warm home
Served generations of kin
Our grandchildren, our pride and joy
The honor they carry on their shoulders
Resonates from the traditionalist values we planted within
The Center
We’ve built a core and a foundation
And even when our walls were shaken with tragedy we survived
We’re alive and still passionately in love
With respect at the center
With God at the center

By Shaun Liriano

Dedicated to Clyde “Daddy” Rhymes and Frances Rhymes
Happy Anniversary


When I had my 3 year old daughter I was not picky about what diapers I used. I was given a few boxes from my baby shower. I was (and still am) a coupon fanatic. Therefore I used whatever was on sale. She never suffered from diaper rash so I was lucky. Some mommies cannot be that liberal because their children have sensitive skin. Unfortunately the only way to find what works best for your baby is through trial and error. 

My son is the guinea pig (a very very cute guinea pig) for this trial. When you leave the hospital, you will probably be given a couple dozen Pampers Swaddlers. FYI, up until the trial done for this review I was only using Pampers on my newborn. is a fun way to try out different brands without buying the whole pack.

I received my package in 5 business days. There was tracking provided so I knew exactly where it was at all times. When it arrived, it was in a brown standard shipping envelope. 

All the packaging was simple with a personal touch. 

My diapers came in packs of three individually wrapped and labeled with the brand and size. 

You will also receive a print out that will assist in you rating each brand. Let’s face it…”mommy brain” is real and we need help with memory and staying organized. Studies show we become sharper and more astute in other areas but I’ll save that for another post!! 

The company also threw in a few complimentary wipes to check out! 

I started with bambamboos because I’ve never heard of it. They have no overwhelming smell, they do not feel soft and the design isn’t necessarily eye popping. It was clear that this would be a brand I was rating mostly on function. I also sampled Earths Best Tender Care and Bamboo Nature. 

Currently my son sleeps for 1 1/2-3 hours after each changing and feeding (according to this awesome app I have called Feed Baby.) The diapers need to withstand that timeframe as well as keep him relatively dry. Just for added information for seasoned moms: My son is breastfeeding exclusively. 

I am actually excited about changing diapers! The company can easily be reached via email with any questions or comments:

Now…exclusively for my ShutYaMouthAndCallMeUgly readers…(insert drumroll) here is a coupon code you can use on your next order: DIAPER10 
You can reach the company on Twitter @DiaperDabbler

You can reach me on Twitter @Shutyamouthnow

Happy Dabbling!!

-Shaun Liriano 

Finding Mom by Amanda Mawhinney (Book review) 

I was given an opportunity to review a new book by Amanda Mawhinney. I have to admit the book size is a turn on. I have a 5 yr old step daughter, a 3 yr old daughter, and a 1 week old son. That being said, it usually takes awhile to get through a good read. “Me time” is hard to come by. This book is 75 pages and packs a lot of information in a small package. I finished it in one sitting while the girls did arts and crafts and my son took a nap! There are some activities I will revisit but I was able to get through it quickly and efficiently.

Chapter 4, “Who am I?”was fun because there were tools provided to be your navigation in “finding yourself.” In this chapter, a journal and a pen were necessary. Questions asked by the author sparked an opportunity to dig deeper in introspection and awake enlightened. 

Chapter 6 had a personality quiz. I found that interesting because I think many times we think we are something we aren’t. In some cases, you’ve heard people describe you in a way you’ve adopted. 

After taking the personality test, I discovered I am an Influencer. 

The first personality is Influencers. Influencers are directors who are people oriented. These 

individuals are great at leading teams, and they know a lot about each member of their groups 

and how to motivate them. These are the moms who initiate playdates, lead the local moms’ 

groups, and invite people on outings. These are the people who others seem to be drawn to.

Having this in mind (as well as some of my answers to the personal development questions) resonated like a dream board. Seeing the answers on paper visually gave me some direction. I’ve always wanted to sky dive, now I have it written in a 12 month action plan so it becomes something more than an item on a bucket list. 

In conclusion, Finding Mom, was a book every woman should read whether she is a mother not. There was enough general “self help” information for it to be more than just a mommy book. I look forward to revisiting some of the chapters and sharing it with others. 

-Shaun Liriano 

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