Don’t Act Like A Lunatic This Year

I’ve come to the conclusion life is supposed to be a lot of fun. I’ve always worked very hard but I don’t think I’ve worked hard enough for myself.

I know what you’re thinking…


As I look at my social email feed flooded with bloggers and life coaches telling you how to have a perfect new year, I don’t want to do that. I want to tell you not to be a lunatic this year!

Shaun, I wasn’t a lunatic last year.

Are you sure? Collectively we need to take this new years thing less seriously. I don’t mean that in terms of effort. I mean that in terms of the effort you put towards other peoples dreams and their dreams for you. What do you want to do this year? Who would you like to be?

Don’t let others expectations of you drive you crazy! Operate in His authority. You are more than qualified!

I’ve already posted my calendar for 2016 (It’s Frozen theme by the way.) I am halfway through the recording of my poetry CD and I’ve booked two dates for a poetry showcase in the Spring.

My Frozen calendar that the kids LOVE

I took Tiphani Montgomery’s webinar the other night on planning your 2016. It was really informative. It began with closing your eyes and receiving a word of inspiration and purpose for the new year. My word for this year is “Joy.” What’s yours?

The Blue Letter Bible App

May you continue to be blessed and experience joy in a new way this year. May love surround you. May the rain cleanse you even if it messes up your hair 🙂
See joy everywhere and if you do not see it around you, create it.

Bless and happy new 365!

– Shaun Liriano

Shut Ya Mouth and Pray -The Journey


Today I almost forgot.  I run around a lot. Always trying to squeeze everything in. It’s necessary and it’s important. I love the feeling at the end of the day that I did everything I am capable of for that day.

I have to take a moment and reflect on the tremendous, tumultuous, joyous, romance filled, cinematic, and dramatic journey I’ve taken. I did not take that journey alone. I have a good, patient, supportive, strong minded, wonderful, challenging, friend and husband. I have always rushed around trying to keep up or catch up. I now have a life partner to help me take the lead.

We take the time today to say thank you for our friends, lovers, and loved ones who keep us company on our journey. We thank you for giving us a life with purpose. We shower You with gratitude. We ask that you help us reach our full potential. We thank you in advance for the increase you are about to touch our lives with.


Dear Santa from the Middle Class Kid

Dear Santa,
I’d leave you some milk and cookies but a quart of milk is about $1.52. I can’t bake the cookies because the oven is broken. Besides, milk is in the recipe for cookies.  I’d go to the store but Mom says there’s no gas in the car. We didn’t get a tree so I hope you know where to put the gifts. Although,  I wonder how you will get in because we do not have a  chimney. 
I’m not looking for any sympathy or special treatment. These aren’t excuses. I just didn’t want you to think I was lazy and put me on the naughty list. Despite the circumstances I think I was pretty nice.

By:Shaun Melissa Liriano


I looked into my soul and you were there
Cruising as you would say
You were sorting through old bullshit and heartache and you were tossing it away
You were shoveling a pathway for yourself
Something safe for you to travel on
Something you couldn’t slip on
Something that couldn’t muddy your best boots
You sprinkled love so the ice wouldn’t freeze and make it too dangerous to get to me
You plowed through the fear and doubt, even the stuff you caused.
You were there.
When I reach for you, your body is warm.
Your breaths are deep and steady.
You are away tucked neatly in a space I cannot get to
Tucked away where I can only dream of finding the thoughts that make you cry or wake you up in cold sweats
You are away
Chilling in my soul.
Waiting for me to understand
While I wait for you to speak, to crumble, to be vulnerable or to be a shell of yourself
Not forever
Just for now
As I search for you
You soul search within me
Hiding away
I scream to be seen
You close your eyes
We stand with our hearts glowing and bursting in our chests like a neon “open” sign in a store window.

Goodnight my love

By Shaun Nickens


#Shutyamouthandpray Power Within


Did it all happen quickly? Minutes turned into hours? Time never cooperates with your expectations. Are you frustrated?  Are you staying the same and your surroundings are changing?


What are you doing about it?

Find an accountability partner and put your ass in gear. It doesn’t matter if its perfect. It matters that it’s done and you aren’t wasting your time and talents.

Help us push and push harder than we ever have. Help us dig into undiscovered parts of our potential. Help us not to gauge our success by the success of others. Help us to have self esteem that is only controlled by ourselves and not weighed by others opinions of us. Help us to see passed the selfishness and sometimes oblivion of our loved ones. Help us stay strong enough to fight the fight even if it means shadowboxing with ourselves and slap boxing with Jesus. God please stay with us and strengthen us when we feel weak.