Day 10 Self Esteem challenge

Oh we’re finishing this (you thought I forgot!)

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Day 10- Evaluate where you are. What did you want to be when you grew up? What are you doing? Today tap into your ability to dream and hone in on that childhood creativity that inspired you at a time. It may have even inspired others. What makes you feel good? What healthy addiction do you have?

When I was young I wanted to sing. I was in the children’s choir at 3! I sang in high school. I auditioned for the vocal program by singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Today I am in customer service (hold your applause.) I do freelance writing and editing on the side.
Service pays the bills. The pen, paper, computer and phone deliver the expressions of my soul.
Public speaking makes me feel good. I connect with others. My heart is a sponge that absorbs the emotions of others. Sometimes it’s a good thing. Sometimes it isn’t.

My new healthy addiction is steam and sweat. That sounds weird. I like steam rooms, saunas, hot showers, warm baths, and extreme work out classes when you come out drenched. I like the act of physically excreting impurities and then the fresh relaxed feeling you have afterwards.


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