Replenish! #Shutyamouthandpraysundays



Every Sunday (for awhile) I will ask you to journey with me in understanding of self. A journey in the acceptance of growth. We will build a BS barrier and become more resilient together. I am NO life coach. That is not my aim. I am a writer. However,  all journeys are more fun with company. Most advice you give should also be directed at yourself. Sometimes we need to follow our own instructions. Sometimes we need to diagnose ourselves.
Being relatable is a gift and one that draws positivity.

This Sunday I took the kids to church at noon. We cleaned the house top to bottom prior to that. We ate an awesome breakfast. We danced. We loved. Most importantly we talked. I remembered how important it is to sit straight up, look in their eyes and focus. Listen. Today was a good day.

Day 8 of the self esteem challenge :
Are you comfortable with accepting compliments? Why or why not?
(Courtesy of life and magic in Wyoming at wordpress )
I am not always comfortable. There are things I know are above average and compliments on those assets I graciously accept. You have to believe something yourself before others will believe in it.

Day 9: What do other people say is sexy about you?
This is tough! I have heard different things. Mostly its my command. In a comfortable situation I take full command if a leadership position is needed in order for a task to be completed. I’m resolution oriented. So I just like things to be fixed quickly. I’ve been told my smile is sexy.

Gratitude Journal Resurrection


Hi! I brought back the gratitude journal for #fumblingwiththefoolishnessfridays

Needed to remind myself of all the things I am blessed with RIGHT NOW in this life. Needed that adrenaline rush. Needed the ego boost (#30dayselfesteemchallenge.) He cannot give you more if you cannot take care of what you have. If you are oblivious to all of His graciousness. If you panic or crumble with every attack,  He will assume you have forgotten you are a vessel carrying His power.

Yesterday’s challenge  (Day 6) was :
What is your favorite part of the day and Why?

I like when its quiet late at night when everyone is asleep. I like the peace but I like the security of knowing they are there.

Day 7: What did you do for yourself today? Reward yourself for being amazing!

I didn’t do anything for myself today. 😦
But! I am looking forward to zumba class tomorrow at 10:30am

Tell me about your gratitude journal! Are you going to start one? What are you most grateful for?? Comment or tweet me @ShutyaMouthNow

Cleanliness and Godliness

30 day self esteem challenge is still in motion!! Comment and/or tweet me the things you love about yourself @ShutyaMouthNow!

Day 4: What is a habit that you have that you like?

I make the beds in the home every day. I spray with linen spray. I sprinkle baby powder on the flat sheet. I come home to a comfortable slumber every night because of that.

Day 5: What is something about the way you think that you like?

I am analytical and it allows me to problem solve quickly. My resolution mode is fierce! It makes me a better parent and partner.


Shut Up

Day 3 of the 30 day self esteem challenge was:

A part of your personality you like.

I like being an orator.  I like debate. I was on the debate team in high school. We battled the best of the best at Fordham University and I wasn’t scared at all. I like an intellectual battle…not necessarily an argument but a in depth conversation.  I don’t shy from the podium. I love it.


Ultra Feminine

Still doing the 30 day self esteem challenge!  Day 2 was A physical feature you like on yourself.

I like my clavicle.  Weirdo right?! I really do though. I cut the necks out of my tshirts. I wear low cut shirts. In the summer I wear strapless dresses. I think its just an ultra feminine beautiful part of the body. It looks strong too. Like it accentuates the shoulders and arms. We carry the world with those arms.


“He traced the line of my clavicle with this finger and kissed the corners of my mouth.”
-Dannika Dark, Twist

Bark and Bite

Psalm 141:3
~Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth;keep watch over the doors of my lips!

I am doing a 30 day self esteem challenge in support of someone very close to me. I did not come up with the challenge myself. It is a conglomerate of mental illness mouse on tumblr and

Day 1 is: Choose a facial feature you like on yourself.

I love my lips. My whole mouth actually. It is the vessel used to express myself. Sometimes it is a double edged sword but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. As I grow and I learn to control my lips and appreciate them, I am growing stronger. I am learning when to bark and when to bite.


Please share your favorite facial feature with me!

Heineken and Hot Sauce

Bet you never thought it would take you this long to get your shit together
Bet you never knew it would take this long to improve
Bet you never knew you’d be a permanent work in progress never progressing
Looking for the beautiful
Trying to find it like the right words
Searching for it like lost keys in the bottom of baggage that you shouldn’t be carrying in the first place.
Last in place
In a race to no where
Battling with figments of your imagination
An imagination that never works when you want it to but holds you hostage
In a pool of pussies who never put their best foot forward because they didn’t want anyone to see their knock off no name shoes


By Shaun Nickens