Is this you?

Sims character needing sleep

Have you ever heard the expression, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead?” Are you a super parent, perfectionist student, or overtime addicted employee? Do you do a lot of “ripping and running?” Are you frequently late because you’ve overbooked or double booked? How do we find the balance?

Is there a balance to find?

In my personal life I am quite unpleasant with my fiancée and the children when I am lacking adequate rest. I have a fast paced, customer service based, night job. By the time my nerves settle enough to fall asleep it’s time to start a new day. In fact my nights and days all kind of just mesh into one big ball of movement and production.

Is there a way to keep your sanity? I think so. I say think because I don’t know. The people I know who do it still crash every once in a while. There are others who seem to maintain a peaceful upbeat attitude but they may indulge in less than healthy behavior from time to time. Can healthy behavior prove to beget consistency? 



A few days ago I listened to (audio book) “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. A lot of the content I have heard /read before but authors and orators are finding creative ways to express old thoughts in a way that will heighten receptivity.

My Favorite Quote was, “Choose habitual thoughts that are constructive, harmonious and peaceful. They should only heal, bless, inspire and elevate you.”

Sounds simple right? It’s not but I will make a concerted effort to do better. What I will make a bigger effort to do is take ownership. Accountability or lack thereof is one of my reoccurring flaws.
I cannot impregnate my subconscious with negative thoughts and then be a dead beat parent and abandon them. They will keep crying. They will remain hungry for more negative energy. They will continue producing dirty diapers of despair. They will exhaust me completely.


If you are a part of the “go hard or go home” family, how do you keep your attractive temperament? I would love to know your secrets. Yoga? Prayer? Drugs?! Leave me some feedback in the comments below. Thanks!

By:Shaun Nickens

One thought on “Is this you?

  1. My trick is to unplug from the outside world. I do this by going for jogs. It’s just me, headphones, and the pavement. It gives me time to reaffirm my thoughts and clear my head. Also I just started praying daily with my partner. It has helped us get our spirits in synergy.

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