My 2am

Filter through the filters
See the beauty raw and exposed
In its vulnerability
Flickering flames
Incense burning in my bathroom sink
Can’t blink, let alone sleep
Writing between the lines in my mind
My imagination running and wrinkling my sheets
Shared submissions that didnt make it to the grave
Fear will comb your hair
With daydreams that do not obey the setting of the sun.

My 2am has…
One fresh cut long stemmed pink rose
Thorns exposed
One fresh tear coming down my nose
Still beautiful
Cannot be compared to a passion flower or a lily
It stands alone


My 2am
Is art by Teresita Fernandez
And my own sloppy sketches
Poetry by Nikki

And tap dancing on my kitchen floor
Like Savion Glover

Just anything to fall in a deep sleep

My sloppy sketches

Thoughts of strong arms and warm covers
Fresh out of the dryer
Sprinkled with baby powder.

My 2am ain’t cinematic
Ain’t no soft music and perfume
Ain’t no Sade tunes
Ain’t no rhythm and blues

My 2am turns into 3am and 4:09

My 2am would rattle your spine.

My 2am is mine.

By: Shaun Melissa Nickens


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