Women’s History Month

A True Woman


I can make you laugh harder than the rain falls.

I can give you the kind of loving that makes you reject all of your calls

And be absent from work.

I’m not interested in your wallet

I want the will of your being and the substance from your very soul.

I want the honor of growing old.

I’ll tell you my age.

I’ll tell you the exact year and the precise time I was born.

Wisdom is my badge proudly worn.

I can fry up some good food and meander through your stomach to your heart.

I can order an auto part or change a tire and be on my way without waiting for AAA.

You can beat me to the mirror in the morning.

I know who I am and I know what I look like.

I am a woman not a “bitch.”

I’m not a part of some monolithic group suffering from “that time of the month.”

I only really shop if there is a need for it or if it fits “just right.”

Please don’t interrupt me while I’m watching the game or the fight.

I am not a harlot or the downfall of mankind because of “original sin.”

I was just being a leader, his rib, his backbone, aiding his decision.

Sometimes I cry but you do too.

That doesn’t make me weaker than you.

My strength is measured in resilience and my ability to absorb other people’s pain.

I am a woman

A true woman

I am not ashamed.

By:Shaun Nickens

*This was going to be an Art Saves Lives submission but the deadline was changed.

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