Limerick #1


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Girl Bye Part IV “Mae”


She drove a two-tone, 12 year old mini van.  It had one of those “baby on board” signs in the back passenger window.  Sometimes the sign would fall but the suction cup that held it up would remain.  She was middle aged and her children were grown but she said the sign made people drive “sensibly. ”  Her “luxury car” as she sometimes called it,  was dated but it was hers…she owned it. She didn’t have many things that she owned.

Mae pulled right up next to a 2014 Camaro in the parking lot of the local popular pizzeria. They advertised you could get a large pie for $10.95 and that would be enough for Mae.  She could save some for breakfast the following morning with a cup of instant coffee. The Camaro had a confederate flag in the back window.  Mae had a “Obama 2012” sticker in the window.  The two drivers exchanged glances but no pleasantries were made.

Mae used to take long drives when she was stressed out. Those days were long gone. There was 123,000 miles on her van. Gas prices went up to 3.78 a gallon. So there was no escape.  Mae used to do hair but she was no longer as easy on the eyes as she once was. Women don’t usually trust you to make them beautiful when you aren’t. So age and a hard life retired her. Mae used to be an escort. She was good at it too. She still unofficially “did favors” as she liked to call it. She would frequently meet new clients at “Biddies. ”

Aniya saved Mae’s ass multiple times. She pulled an old dirty bastard off of Mae once. A brute who had no intention of paying for the “merchandise.” She let Mae sleep on her lazy boy recliner one night when Mae was evicted.  Aniya was the closest thing Mae would have to a friend. 

When Aniya called Mae after 2 years of not speaking,  she knew something was up.  Aniya always said no favor was free.  Mae was a benefit because she had nothing to lose…not even her life.

To be continued

By:Shaun Nickens

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3 Reasons I Love Being a Parent


1. I took my 1 year old to a mommy and me “Babies Music and Play” class yesterday morning.  I don’t have her in a traditional daycare so I proactively look for opportunities for her to socialize with other children.  The kids all went into the meeting room and immediately began playing with one another.  When it was time to sing songs, my kid was singing at the top of her lungs. She showed the other children how to play with the toys. She stood in front of the play kitchen and had a full length conversation on the “phone.” She was showing off her vocabulary “Papi”,”mommy”, “hi”, “I’m okay”, “What you doing?” I was so proud! The other mother’s started asking me questions about her age and activities.  I felt instantly privileged to be her mom.

2. Sometimes I’m exhausted.  No, like borderline dead/comatose exhausted.  Like putting your phone in the freezer and your eggs in the bathtub exhausted!   Like putting your window all the way down and your music all the way up so you can drive home safe exhausted.  Yet, I will jump up at any time day or night if I am responsible for doing something for my children.  There is something wonderful about being needed and wanted at the same time. There is something awesome about tiny fingers holding your head and looking into your eyes lovingly and curiously. 

3. Children are raw, open, honest and unapologetic.  They have so many questions.  I love the responsibility of being one of the first people they go to for their answers.  Your four year old wants to know:
“Why do you go to work? ”
“Why do you have to make money? ”
“Why do you have to pay bills?”
“Why do we need heat?”
“Why is it cold?”

You better come up with some great answers for them and for yourself!  Children help you reassess, edit, and improve your life. My sister is 15 years old. She plays music at the highest decibel and dances with the girls until they are all out of breath and she is their she-ro! Kids are simple. They just want attention and uninhibited honest fun and unconditional love. They want you to be yourself which is the opposite of the facade we normally have to display.  Parenting gives you at least one safe place to be yourself.

By: Shaun Nickens


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Girl Bye (Part III) “Betrayal”

“They probably think I’m dead”, DJ thought to himself. 

Lord knows he was close to dead. He hadn’t eaten in days. It was freezing. There he was abandoned and alone on the side of the parkway.


“Aniya probably thinks I’m dead. Dumb ass. You have to do more than stab me to kill me.”

The truth was, she did do more than that! She lunged towards him like a panther and she bit his neck. When he pried her off of him, she grabbed a Heineken bottle and broke it. She then thrusted it into his back.  When he fell to the floor she sealed the deal by hitting him in the head with a table lamp. She then dumped him in the trunk of the same automobile he tried to downplay.

Next thing he knew, he was in the damn bushes shivering and bleeding. 

In his opinion she overreacted.  Typical angry black woman.  She asked one question and didn’t wait for the answer.  She seemingly wasn’t angry about his sexual indiscretions. She just kept menacingly looking at him and screaming crap about betrayal. 

He knew one day it would come to this. He wanted to get caught.  The marriage wasn’t what he thought it would be. Those women sliding up and down the metal poles and the human poles were so enticing.  These were the women in videos, turning heads on beaches,  adorned in brands and labels and oils. The women at “Biddies” were top quality.  They looked like stallions.  The club was laced in European hair and high round backsides. Perfume and exotic lubricants lingered in the air. It was a “classy club.” When he found Aniya in his office working out her “issues”, it was a sign. He was an admirer of hers for years.  He was one of the guidance counselors in the high school she attended but how different he looked then. He wasn’t sexy then. Besides,  sleeping with a student was taboo and illegal but mostly taboo. 

Aniya was his meal ticket.  He was tired of superiors breathing down his neck. He started a manuscript.  Encapsulated in it’s pages were Aniya’s confidential and interesting life. The men she slept with. The deals she made. The secrets she only told him. The inner workings of that put*$ y paradise men escaped to. He had a book deal all set up and a guarantee with a billion dollar publisher. He knew it would sell. The climax was just so good. Most importantly he knew she would do almost anything to ensure aliases were used.

He didn’t think she would try to kill him. Then again,  if you changed your identity to run away from your past…

If your past was still looking for you…

If you had everything to lose…

DJ rose to his feet. His body was so numb he didn’t even realize what he was dressed in. He lifted the large corduroy dress and began to limp to the service road. Cars honked their horns as they passed by laughing. Etched deliberately in the back of the vintage Bear bright yellow bubble jacket was the word “Trifling.”

He would sort things out at the hospital and he would surprise his wife with a phone call.

By:Shaun Nickens
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Girl Bye ( Part II)


Courtesy of abc news

Aniya danced around her studio apartment in bare feet. She had on her high school track shorts and her bra.  Those shorts were indestructible.  They didn’t quite fit the way they did so many years ago but they “fit.”  She was blasting “Bust the Windows” by Jasmine Sullivan.  The place was spotless.  She cleaned every nook and cranny of the apartment.  It smelled of Ammonia and Febreeze. She loved candles that had water scents like “ocean breeze” or “morning mist.” The candles were strategically placed. She was an old school girl but she had to admit she liked the gritty 90’s Mary J feel of Jasmine Sullivan’s music. A strong voice and beautiful melodies to overshadow really harsh lyrics.

“Yeah I did it/you should know it/I ain’t sorry/you deserved it/After what you did to me it was worth it/I ain’t sorry nooo oooooooo…”

Yea, Jasmine was cut from the same cloth as Aniya. Or she was just an artist who made music for women who made some tough choices.  Reckless and heartless women. Yea, those women need a good song too.

Aniya recently became more than a wife and a exotic dancer.  She had to make DJ pay for the pain and embarrassment.  Sloppy pathetic loser leaving all his mistakes under the bed they lie in every night as a couple.  He was an unbelievable idiot to think she wouldn’t find out. She confiscated everything and she “unofficially divorced” DJ and moved out. She told her friends and loved ones (he didn’t have any loved ones) he was on a business conference in Segal. Who would question that? No one is going to buy a calling card to talk to him in Ecuador!  He wasn’t that important.  It was funny how quickly her emotions dissipated.  As soon as she saw the betrayal,  it was enough to essentially make him disappear. 

For now she was enjoying her new found freedom.  She had 20 minutes before she had to get ready for work.  “Biddies” was 27 minutes away exactly.  She decided to play her song one more time and decide how she would use her talents on the pole to make her “problem” go away. She had a special client of hers who would definitely be interested in the task.

“May God forgive me”, she muttered to herself. 

The song faded while she dove into the company of her conscience.

“You caused me pain/so I did the same…”

~To be continued~

By: Shaun Nickens

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