Vision Boards and What I Think of Them


I have read “The Secret “and I’ve seen the documentary.* I have also read “The Power” by the same author. I’ve read multiple Napoleon Hill titles. I have also seen the motivational video featuring Oprah Winfrey where she discusses how she landed the role in “The Color Purple.”  All of these works center around one thing…

Law of Attraction.

I have often been torn by this concept. I was unsure of how I could implement it into a Christian lifestyle. Can these two beliefs exist at the same time? After many years, my answer is, yes.

The law of attraction is just what it states. It’s a law. Just like the law of gravity it can definitely co-exist with Christian beliefs. Yes, I believe in God and I believe he is the one who has drawn the blueprint for my life. I also believe that doubt, insecurities, distraction , destruction, and distortion can lead you away from the path God has created for you. Your lack of focus and your inability to believe in yourself can cause you to miss out on His gifts.

What is the law of attraction? My condensed oversimplified answer is:
What you believe and envision can and will manifest.

We know this!


Do not be conformed to this world,but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…~Romans 12:2

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.
~Dalai Lama

So what is a vision board? My condensed oversimplified answer is:
Its a map that leads to your own self discovery. It’s centered on you and your desires. It encapsulates your wants and your needs. By taking everything  out of your brain and heart and gluing them to a poster board you are forcing yourself  to focus. You’re at least glancing at this thing twice a day (morning and night.) For me, the images return to me throughout the day. So let’s say one photo on the board is “new car.” I find myself being more conscious of how I maintain the car I have. I downloaded a budget app on my phone to improve my credit. I pack lunch more often to put that money towards savings. That photo is a reminder that there is a goal in place. It also makes that goal feel more like an official agreement with myself. Also, seeing it makes it seem more attainable.

Vision boards are also a lot of fun!! It was fun finding the photos. It was nice to take an hour out to be creative in a different way. I have secretly always wished I could draw. I still can’t draw but I was able to produce something visually stimulating (well at least it stimulated me.)

Try it! Let me know how it works out. Do you already have one? Do you think it can help your quality of life?  Do you think they’re silly?

I’m excited about my future. If you asked me last year if my life would be this abundantly blessed this year, I would have laughed. God has smiled on me and I owe it to Him to run a more disciplined race. See you at the winner’s circle.

By:Shaun Nickens

*The Secret is by Rhonda Byrne

9 thoughts on “Vision Boards and What I Think of Them

  1. I was always being encouraged to make a vision board and constantly brushed it off. Then after reading “The Secret” I decided to finally take the initiative to create one. It was such a therapeutic experience and I had the pleasure of creating mine with my best friend. We spent time sharing our innermost thoughts and dreams with each other while drinking wine and reflecting on the great things we believed God had in store for us in the year ahead. We both achieved many of the goals we illustrated on our boards and continue to strive towards creating our better. My board was entitled “My Journey to Happy”. Although it has been filled with hills and valleys, I am forever grateful to God for his healing power and for giving me the strength to always smile through any pain I’ve endured. Power to the vision boards lol.

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  2. As a long time reader of Essence and someone who (believes she) is connected to a lot of sister circles, I had always heard of vision boards and had even been invited to a few vision board parties (yes this is a thing lol). I always planned to create one in time for the New Year but failed and since I didn’t think you could create one after I put it on my list for next December.

    It wasn’t until this summer when my best friend said “I’m on my way to you, we are doing vision boards” did I finally get it together. She had just finished reading “The Secret” and decided we were claiming our destiny.

    Creating my vision board was one of the best things I have ever done and probably my happiest memory from the summer. Both me and my best friend were being tested last summer (professionally and personally) and it was NOT easy remaining faithful in god’s word but luckily we did.

    I had so much fun looking through the magazines and finding pictures and quotes that spoke to my heart (that was if my best friend hadn’t taken all the good ones first) we sat on my broken bed and mapped out the next year laughing at all the crazy experiences we had had and making toasts to all of the wonderful experiences we would have soon. Literally within weeks some of my visions came true.

    I keep mine directly across from my bedroom wall so it is the first thing I see in the morning. I can’t wait to create the next one.

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  3. I’ve heard about them and even been encouraged to create one for years now! The beginning of 2015 marked the first time I’ve ever created one. I LOVE the concept of the “vision board”. It allows you to track your progress in a sense and also to keep your eyes on the prize. I created mine alongside my wife.. it was also her first time.. we popped our vision board cherries together! 🙂 We hung them up in our dining room.. on a wall that you kind of have to seek out. After reading this post, we now have to relocate our boards to somewhere a lot more visible!

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