I feel you


There I was in Old Navy and a woman was on line completely embarrassed. Her toddler was having a crisis about a Spiderman toy conveniently placed on the end cap near the registers.  As a former retail slave I can appreciate how the strategic placement of add-on/upsell items can help your total sales for the day. However, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare! This kid was rolling all over the floor, he was emitting blood curdling screams,  and he was bright red. Dear distressed mom…I feel you. 

I used to hate people who parked their cars all the way in the back of a corporate parking lot.  It’s indirectly arrogant.  First, you’re implying your car is way too nice to be parked next to my Kia. Second,  why aren’t you trying to park closest to the entrance like the rest of us? Are you in need of additional exercise?  Are you not running late like I am? Now I kind of feel like I want to be segregated from the mundane reality of parking in my appointed stable! I want to come to work early so I can afford those few minutes to walk from the car in the back of the lot to the entrance door. So Mr Mercedes Benz… I feel you.  
Did you know that negativity is contagious? It might be time to realize that although you Clorox wipe your car interior, office and you hand sanitize after touching the gas pump, you still have to build an immunity to other things. Your mental health is important!  Your attitude determines your potential. Have you noticed the villain in almost every film is trying to steal “super powers”? Don’t give away your God given power. You are loving.. you are good…you are selfless and you are powerful!  Once you let someone else influence your good intentions,  you sacrifice your power. What does power give you? Strength.  Without strength you are weak. When your immune system is weak what can happen?  Dear Paranoia…I feel you.

I squeeze my toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. I didn’t always do that. It aesthetically looks better but that isn’t why I do it. It reminds me to get everything I can out of my resources and tools (i.e: education, employment etc.) I dry clean valuables.  A lot of things are about presentation. What is toothpaste for? Preserving your smile, your brand, and your health. Dear Colgate…I feel you.

We grow and change every day and that’s okay. Embrace who you are becoming and allow others to slowly have the time to adapt to the new you. Pray for those you can’t reach with words and hope that you can affect them through action or example.

Is there something you used to hate that you can now relate to? I’d love your feedback.  Leave a comment or tweet me @shutyamouthnow.


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