The Interview

My cousin just married the man of her dreams!  I decided to post the poem that was written for the happy couple. Thet met on a popular dating website.  They both often refer to their first date as an “interview. ” What a blessing it is to know what you want in a partner and to find someone who fits the bill. 


The Interview

Changed my outfit a couple of times
Not too loose
Not too tight
Got my hair just right
A little lip gloss
Practiced my smile for awhile
Arrived on time
Smelled sublime
With a confident demeanor that elevated me to a state of expectancy.

I could have never prepared for someone so rare
I could have never imagined that this would happen.

You opened doors
Pulled out chairs
Stimulating conversational construct

“Where did you go to high school?”
“What kind of work do you do?”

I thought it would be like an interview


But you laid off my doubt
You retired my worry
You employed and enhanced my interest and devotion

See, I was prepared for a compatibility quiz
But not a lifetime of intellectual intimacy

Allegedly,  there are plenty of fish in the sea
But im not gathering,  spearing, netting,  angling or trapping
Im not interested in any more worms, painful hooks, rocky boats, scaling, cleaning or seasoning
This Pisces is at peace with the other piece of her harmony


And I dont know how you prepared for our interview
But I’m glad you did
Because you fit just right
And you arrived in my life…right on time.

~By Shaun Melissa Nickens

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