Keep the Crown

As a tribute to self love for Valentines day and an awakening to men of color for Black History Month…
This post is courtesy of my baby sister, Cheyenne. 


Dear dads, dear future boyfriend who will screw up dear brother and dear man. Whether she be female, an addiction, or and illusion.  You made me feel rich although I hadn’t a dime made me feel voluptuous although I hadnt a C or D cup in the dresser. Made me feel like a sky scraper although I’m only five feet tall.  You made me feel royal although my blood line isnt pure at all. But now as I watch you with her smile and laugh eyes widen and lips curl that crown you had placed so perfectly on my head tips. It goes timber as gravity pulls it almost closer to her. I dont know how.I wont let it because it was me not you who truly knows my worth so I will defy gravity and take back my crown and place it ever so perfectly on my head. You cant touch it nor he or she because I will only give it to me. I’ ll change in body and mind i’ll change in lessons and plans but my crown will never move it will never fall its here now. The illusion of you is gone the journey to the past has ended. And now my crown wont be an illusion just the real thing.As you stand there and slip away.

By : Cheyenne Nickens (age 14)

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