call me because you can’t live without me
call me because you love me
call me because you’ve decided to cherish me unconditionally
call me because you appreciate me
call me because I’m your “one and only”
call me because you’re lonely
call me because I’m the best
call me because without me you can’t rest
call me because I’m sexy, responsible,  loyal,  and I make you feel safe and free
call me because I make you happy
call me because your adoration for me is why you’re over her
not the fact that her adoration for him is why she’s over you
call me because I decode your messages
and decipher your texts like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics
call me because you want to be on a winning team
call me because my voice soothes you like a dry epidermis submerged in an oatmeal bath
call me because my aura heals you like vitamin e oil on scarred skin
call me because when you feel down I take my manicured fingers and lift your chin
call me because …


2 thoughts on “Absence

  1. Call me because I’M ME!!! Love this, and the truth is. We call them for all the reasons that you listed that they call us. They just take longer to get that.


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