Inside of Me (A Poem )

*Dedication to May 6th 2012*


With an incandescent aura you approach me
I see your warmth before I feel it
Your smile is confident and your words drip with prowess
If only you knew how many times I changed my outfit
If only you knew I almost changed my mind
Sitting next to me, you whisper in my ear
You hold my hand
You suck my fingers
Inside of me…I am afraid
Inside of me…I am intrigued

We are unorthodox
We are jaded
We are lesson learners
We are megalomaniacs

We must be perfect for one another

Inside of me…there is fear
Inside of me. ..there is pulsing
Inside of me…there is a damaged, broken, bruised, beaten but still beating heart
Inside of me…is unselfish and untapped love

I hit the ground running
You represent the antithesis of cynicism
You believe
You are aggravated with your present and aggressively pursuing your future
Packed with potential
You are armored in arrogance
But it is just a covering to protect your pride and passion

A voice inside of me says, “You must have him. He gets you.”
You touch my thigh
I tremble
You mention one of my favorite dramatists
I am electrified
You create a vacancy in a heart that was once emotionally unavailable
I am humbled

I no longer crawl inside of me
Hiding in the caves of the mountain of the misunderstood
I let you inside of me
Where its safe, where you can trust, where there is exclusivity, and where there is a plush decadence to enjoy
Inside of me, butterflies flutter and dance to the rhythm of your laughter

This was the beginning

When you hold me and adore me…
…I lock the fear inside of me

I love you with everything inside of me


By: Shaun M N