A Dream Deferred (remix)

“What happens to a dream deferred ?”

Does it haunt you and give you chills at night?
Does it weaken your limbs
And leave you vulnerable for the fight of life?
Does it bleed crimson red
Through your faded white smile ?
Does it go away or does it linger awhile ?
Does it ignite a bigger dream
Pure and unscathed ?
Does it guide you to a road of graciousness
New, bright, and paved?

“Maybe it just sags
Like a heavy load

Or does it explode,” regenerate and multiply at the node?


Broken Woman

She sat on a press and tile floor, Indian style, with the soles of her bare feet dusty from the filth of the floor. She used her old metro card to pick the scabs of the wounds left by those who abandoned her and slashed her self esteem with selfishness. Suicidal thoughts swarmed her mind and hovered over her daily like vultures waiting for it’s next meal to draw it’s last breath. She avoided mirrors, unable to hide from their brutal honesty. To call her pathetic would have been a compliment too great for her to accept and believe. Misery encapsulated her existence but only here on this press and tile floor.