My Interview With Cinderella of When We Were Queens Skin Care and Cosmetics-DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH

When you come into When We Were Queens you will most likely be greeted with a huge smile and a warm embrace and a kiss on both cheeks!  Most people don’t even get that kind of treatment from their own family members!  In the store is drapery and colorful displays for the customers.  There will more than likely be a video playing from The Honorable Minister  Louis Farrakhan in the background.  There are books available for purchase, both urban fiction and self-help/instructional.  There are display cases with foundations, bronzers, eyeshadows, lipcolors, cleansers (for men and women), toners, moisturizers, and a whole heap of other products to enhance the aesthetic beauty you have.  The friendships, love, and community atmosphere in When We Were Queens will nourish the innate inner beauty you have!  Listen to this short interview with skin care specialist and award-winning makeup artist, Cinderella    

Listen to the story about how tragedy can sometimes motivate one for change…

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You want flawless and radiant skin? Its easier than you think!

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“Without God and you, we truly cannot survive”

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Dressed in my classic “get up and go” outfit, I interviewed Cinderella in black spandex tights, a t-shirt, my hair in a big poof and I was adorned in my favorite silver earrings that are almost the size of my head!  Boyyyyyyyyyy did Cindy have words for me :-o!  Stressing inner beauty as well as outer, Cinderella has challenged us as young women to “cover up that beautiful body”  and leave some things to the imagination!

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She has advice for running a successful business, finding a decent man, self-respect, and of course skin care!

Cinderella is available for Weddings, Makeovers, and Classes.  She is located at : 186-15 Merrick Blvd Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

Some services include:

Designer Eyebrows 15

Bridal Consultation 45

Prom 40

Facial 45+

Makeovers 50+

Stop in for any product and/or service and mention : or Diamond in the Rough and get a % off of your purchase!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Shaun Melissa Nickens

Chest Naked In The Park-Part 2

“Miss …Can I take your order?”

What was I thinking?  That man was bad (bad as in good) and I let him slip through my fingers like a condom with baby oil on it.


Not only did he look like a chest naked demigod or an extra in a Tyler Perry play but he saved my clumsy behind when I tried to get all Marion Jones in the rain, in the dark, emotionally driven, with $30 knock off FiveFingers on my feet.


Tamara made a fool of herself the other night.  She went running at the track when the rain subsided a bit and then ventured into the wooded park along the dirt trail.  Bad idea.  There were dips and bends that she was unaware of and she got hyped when “Beat’n Beat’n” by Vybz Kartel came on her ipod. BOOM! FLOP! Her foot got caught in a crevice of the earth that didn’t even belong in her path and she sat there in pain assessing the damage.  Next thing she knew, here came sexy Chest Naked Boy wet with a combination of sweat and rain.  He hovered over her and simply asked, “Are you okay?”

“Ummm…hello miss?”

That night, Chest Naked Boy didn’t even wait for her response.  He picked her up (all 175lbs of her!) and urgently placed her soft behind on a park bench.  He elevated her feet and then stooped down so he could look at her lower body at eye level.

“Just looks like a scrape on your right ankle.  Does anything hurt?” he said.

“My pride…my ego…and last but not least, my heart”, Tamara thought.  Instead she just nodded ‘No.’

He looked relieved and revealed a smile so bright it could give the moon competition.  Then he stretched, looked at her anxiously as if he was hoping she’d say something…

When Tamara stared at him like a simpleton and didn’t even mutter a “Thank You”, Chest Naked Boy completed his run.

“Miss…Can I pleeeeeaasssse take your orda???!”

The ghetto hood booger broad in the drive thru window was starting to lose patience.  Tamara was daydreaming once again, thinking about the man she met at the park.  Her lap vibrated with a text message from Travis:

“Can I see you today?

He must want some booty. Smh

When she arrived at the second drive thru window, the same hood booger was working the window.

“Understaffed?”, Tamara said with a chuckle.

“Huh?” Hood Booger said in utter confusion.

“Nevermind”, said an exhausted Tamara.

“I like ya’ watch miss”.  It was a Rolex that Tamara received from her god-father years ago as a belated birthday gift.  All gifts from her god-father were belated.  It was like she was his permanent afterthought but the gifts were always good so she didn’t mind being his last precedence.

“I like ya hair.  Where’d you buy it?  What numba pack is dat?” Hood Booger was getting on Tamara’s nerves.

When Tamara handed Hood Booger the cash, Hood Booger glared admiringly at Tamara’s nails.

Wait for it…wait for it…

“Dats a niiiiiiiice cola miss!  Where you get ya nails done at?”

How long does it take to make a chicken sandwich?  Why do people always pick you apart and complement each segment of your overall look, ask you where you acquired the components to maintain that look and then continue to look you up and down while they interact with you.  Isn’t it easier to just say, “You look nice today”?

“Miss, can I have my chicken sandwich please?”, said an exasperated Tamara

“It aint ready yet Ma”, exclaimed Hood Booger.

If this chicken-head don’t give me my chicken sandwich…

Tamara was starving and her head-space was clouded with thoughts of her park-dwelling hero the other night. She had been thinking of him so much that she went back to the park the next night in her sexiest, stretchiest, spandexiest, athletic wear.  She put a little bronzer on her face and gelled her hair into the perfect “effortless” bun and walked her curvaceous behind around that track for approximately 2 hours until the lights went out.  Where was Chest Naked boy and why didn’t she get his name that night?

She didn’t get his name because she was still being faithful to the idea of a relationship with Travis.  How dumb is that?  Travis could be out here dipping his doodle in everything that moves and how would she know any better?  She was conforming to a “situation” an “it’s complicated” status of being instead of the commitment she knew she deserved.  This man would reach for her stomach and say, “Just making sure your tummy is still flat.”  God forbid he hug her and embrace her.  She wanted a man who could lift her up into the air, slide her down his tight thick strong body and let her feel his “power cord” (the affectionate term she and her girls had for a man’s special place) and then whisper in her ear, “You see what you do to me?”  Instead she was in the seventh circle of hell waiting at the drive thru window, waiting for a chicken sandwich that she’s not even going to eat.  She was going to surprise Travis with lunch and more than likely, he would just ask her why she didn’t cook for him instead.

“You know what hunni? Cancel the order.”

Tamara placed two business cards on the platform of the drive thru window, one for her hair stylist and one for her nail salon.  She smiled and drove off.

I can’t do this anymore. 

She text messaged Travis:

“Yea…you’ll most definitely see me today. We need to talk.”


(To Be Continued)

By: Shaun M Nickens