Ryde Or Die

Grab my first love’s and first heartbreak’s hand

Pour my ashes into it

And as he stares and stands in disgust

Tell him that’s how I felt when he took my trust and let it slip through his fingers

Tell him no residual resentment lingers

My sweet sister, beware of the man who can’t fall head over heels

Unless your heels are over your head

Or unless he slithers into your bed

Stand your political, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual ground

If not, he will eventually have you perplexed, stressed, and parasitically bound

My brothers, not biologically, but blood just the same

I tried to remember everything you told me.

The stories, life’s lessons and rules, did not go ignored

But you never told me what I should do when I’m cold and lonely

And every time I re-invented myself, I abandoned my own authentic individuality

For years, I remember hearing of the quintessential “ryde or die”

She’s the woman who will cheat, steal, and lie for her baby

She’s the woman who will support, love, and inspire her boo

She’s the woman who will ignore the rumors and be true to her man

Make him a full course meal but she’s eating tuna from the can

Be his every fantasy, even if he didn’t know he had any

She spares no expense

Her love is intense

She sees potential over ambition

Probability over productivity

Companionship over currency

She’s rydin with him

If he’s in the pen, she’s putting ink to a wide ruled yellow writing tablet every week

She’s rydin with him

If he’s unemployed, she’ll purchase him a pre-paid phone just so they can speak

She’s rydin with him

Whether they’re in an X5 or on the Q83

If you’re reading this then you know what has become of my demise

I couldn’t “ryde” anymore

I’ve ceased the propensity to make a “dollar out of fifteen cents”

Being left with fragments of yourself, the people around you saying that you’ve changed

No more sacrifice in the place of compromise

No more love laced in anxiety

The decision was to ryde or die?

I chose death

By: Shaun M Nickens

One thought on “Ryde Or Die

  1. Love has been exasperated, “I chose death”……scary…..how Juliette of you, Shakespeare would be proud.


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