“Shut ya mouth and call me ugly”

For many years I have discussed specific topics with select groups of people who have been incorporated in my life.  Whether they are a part of my life for a couple of minutes, days, or even years…their thoughts and words have impacted me.  Sometimes I can look at a total stranger and wonder what their autobiography would read.  I wonder what their footprint would be. However, Silence intrigues me just as much as speech does.  It allows my imagination to run away and never be caught by the monotony of reality.

I worked with a local library on contract for a couple of months.  I was teaching Creative Writing.  It amazed me that these children were so receptive to coming to my program after already completing a full day of school!  They were still interested in reading, writing, and  public speaking.  They wanted to do ice breaker activities and get to know new people!  They wanted to try new things!  What happens to us as adults, that depletes that energy?  What sucks away our willingness to keep trying new exercises and building new relationships?  The answer is failure but I think the bigger answer is fear of competition.

For a long time, I didn’t start this blog because “everyone has one.”  Not only does everyone have one but there are plenty of other social networking avenues where one can express his or her opinion and read and counter the opinions of others.  I admittedly was overwhelmed by the competition.  Yes, I think I have an innate ability to write and its something that I LOVE doing but I was scared.  I can admit that now because I’m not being a punk anymore. I DID IT!  So whether one person reads my posts or 1 million read it, I’m just happy that it will be read.

Let me explain the title!  I have a close family friend who has the tenacity of a teenager but she is a senior citizen and a dear friend and mentor.  This woman has spunk!  She’s accomplished a lot in her professional path and she takes pride in her personal life as well.  When she speaks, she usually has something profound to say.  There are many key phases and “fan favorites” that she uses.  Usually when you tell her something interesting that she was unaware of (something that really excites her) she punches you in whatever body part you have in close proximity and she says “Shut your mouth and call me ugly!”  This usually sparks laughter but more importantly its creates a bond between her and the person she is speaking with, confiding in, and building with.  By naming my blog “shut your mouth and call me ugly” I’m paying respect to my family friend and people like her who have believed in me in some form throughout my life and have been waiting for me to bust a move and share my love for writing, literature, entertainment, cultural advances, philanthropy, and the youth with the world.  My poems will be posted along with my thoughts, and narratives.  I encourage my readers to agree with me, counter, comment, or you can SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND CALL ME UGLY.

4 thoughts on ““Shut ya mouth and call me ugly”

  1. OK MISS…..We need to have a poetry reading. I want to express myself & be vocal by reading one of YOUR poems. I find them explosive!! and I like to make noise….well…sometimes…when “that” mood hits me in the gut! Loving YOU….Loving this!
    Diva Chelley


  2. Love the website love everything i admire you and take pride in calling you my sister hope this site , goes viral! not jus saying this cause im related to this young woman but because i admire your creativity and talent i have high expectations and i absolutey love the creativity and originality this site and you have to offer keep writing and taking pictures because every day holds the possibility of a miracle! LOVE IT!!!!


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